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EHS Waste Management Software

DBC Scientific is the exclusive UK distribution partner for Chemishield from the Aphex Group, offering E2E management and streamlining of your Waste Disposal Process. Through advanced technology, we ensure all your hazardous and non-hazardous waste is disposed of safely and efficiently with built-in reporting and CLP compliant labels.




Chemishield identifies the correct waste stream for you to dispose of your chemical and solid waste. Reduce the risks, complexities and time associated with waste with both liquid and solid disposal.

Chemishield is a cloud-based waste management software that prevents the mixing of incompatible waste streams for both liquid and solid waste. Our audit ready, cutting edge software enables the efficient and worry-free disposal of harmful chemical and solid waste. Chemishield ensures both your hazardous and non-hazardous waste is never disposed of incorrectly as it helps you to easily predetermine your waste streams and their disposal locations. Our built-in 2 step verification process reduces human error, while it also offers built in CLP Compliant Labelling and end to end reporting across your entire waste life cycle.



Chemishield offers reporting functionality to allow you to drill down on your waste disposal trends while identifying opportunities for efficiency and improvements.




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